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Cold Standby Disaster Recovery Emby Server

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I have a standalone backup server which mirrors (it is not a true backup, i.e. incremental) the media library on the main emby server.  Both run Windows (Server 2012). The backup server runs automatically every evening mirroring the media library and then shuts down when complete.

I am considering making this into a cold standby full DR solution so if the main server fails or needs to be serviced, I can switch to the DR server with only minor loss of service.

Could I do this by using the synchronising software I use to mirror the main emby program and programdata folders to the backup server or is it more complex than that? My emby installation is unfortunately not a portable installation in which case I probably would not be asking this question.



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Hi, doesn't matter if it's portable or not.  The one thing to be careful of is the config and data directories.

You can't copy these while Emby is running.  So you would from time to time need to shut down your main Emby server in order to backup these two folders.

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