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I'd like to try building a scraper plugin


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there's a german site, https://www.fernsehserien.de

which is the only one having the right episode's order for lots of older, mainly animated, tv shows.

E.g. Paw patrol:


 So you see that in Germany season 1 has 26 episodes, but in the rest of the world all episodes are seperated to 47.


So there is a scraper for Kodi (attached), which does not have that much code. So I'd like to try it out based on that and on existing Emby scraper plugin, which in best case does not have that much code, too 🙂

So could anybody please give me a little direction, about which Emby plugin lends itself to best, including source code and some general documentation about writing an Emby plugin?


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Hi.  If you are going to employ actual scraping techniques (as opposed to using a published API) then please be sure you get permission from the site to do that.


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