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  1. kodiak437

    Library sync thread has excited

    Hi, I've been starting to have a lot of sync issues with the Emby client for Kodi. I'm running all Ras Pi 3 connected to the emby server and NAS. I wiped all the Pi's and started from scratch but still have no luck and keep getting the error Library sync thread has excited. Not sure if its a server issue or app issue. I can play fine from the server. i also installed kodi and the emby app on a windows system and it was able to sync ok Any help would be greatly appreciated EMBY_Kodi.log
  2. Hi Angelblue05 I have Emby server on a synology NAS, Kodi Krypton 17.6 on a Nvidia Shield TV. The emby Kodi add-on is 3.0.31. I just saw that most of my movies have disappeared from the Kodi movie list (29 are there instead of 384). Nothing is wrong with the TV shows though. Everything is good server side, both for movies and tv shows. When I try to reset the Kodi database, I have a "Emby error check log" The log says : 19:38:54.355 T:138963838032 NOTICE: EMBY.default -> plugin.video.emby started 19:38:54.364 T:138963838032 NOTICE: EMBY.default -> Parameter s
  3. First sorry for my poor english. My emby server is over ubuntu bionic with a ssl cert self signet without password. The client emby web has worked well ever but Emby for kodi since 3.0.27a (and up, I am not sure if someone earlier too) don't connect. I try with krypton, Leia, newer 3.029a, ... but the issue persists.I wan't to update server to beta. I attach kodi log and the error in the server. The problem solved installing version 2.3.63 from https://github.com/MediaBrowser/plugin.video.emby/releases. There are some older version newer? Can you tell if it's possible to update
  4. Good day, since Emby addon version 3.0.27a files with German Umlaute (äöü) in their names can not be played any longer (Emby Error). This is on LibreELEC v8.2.5 with current Emby addon 3.0.29a. LibreELEC log extract: 10:45:29.920 T:139732315002624 NOTICE: EMBY.default_tvshows -> Parameter string: ?dbid=6751&mode=play&id=91c7254db514e2616ee01b4d74b01349&filename=S02E07+-+H%C3%A4utungen.mkv 10:45:29.968 T:139732315002624 NOTICE: EMBY.playbackutils -> Play called 91c7254db514e2616ee01b4d74b01349: Häutungen 10:45:30.049 T:139732315002624 NOTICE: EMBY.playutils ->
  5. Hi, I'm not sure if it's related to Emby server or Kodi plugin so please forgive me if I publish in a wrong forum! I have Emby server version 3.4.1 on QNAP NAS, and KODI 17 on iMac with latest version of Emby plugin. The plugin has the following settings: Playback mode: Add-on Force HTTP: Off Video quality: highest 1000MB The video I tried to play has bitrate 10514 kbps and an external srt subtitle. Question 1) It seems to me that transcoding is enabled when playing the video in Kodi - not sure why (the bitrate is much lower than the threshold). Noticed that when starting the video
  6. Hey guys, running into huge problems scanning my library into kodi. No matter if I do it on Raspberry Pi 3 or Vero4K it always sooner or later comes to the message "Library sync thread has excited! You should restart Kodi now. Please report this on the forum". I repeated it many times. First I thought it always gets stuck at same position, but it didn't. Sometimes it gets stuck in movies, sometimes in series. On my Emby Server all is perfectly scanned in. Here is the log-file. It keeps repeating and repeating: I edited the post and deleted the link after posting in hopi
  7. I have attached kodi log......Hopefully someone can shed some light on this..........two PCs have this same error (I am assuming that the fix will apply to both since the are the same---hardware and software) Thanks.... Johnny kodi.zip
  8. horstepipe

    'Unauthorized' in current stable

    Hey @@Angelblue05 Is it a known bug that in the current plugin version, directly after the 'welcome' message at startup you're getting the message 'unauthorized' by the emby for Kodi plugin. Looks like everything works fine anyway, but the behavior is quite distracting :-)
  9. b0mb

    Krypton no more Ratings

    Hi! After some ppl told me that Emby is meanwhile running flawless on krypton i´ve migrated from jarvis to latest libreelec build with krypton beta 5. Everything is running fine but i can´t see anymore ratings for movies neither series or episodes. Any idea? Kodi Addo is 3.1.12, Emby is latest beta 214. b0mb
  10. Hi, updated my Synology DS3615X emby server package this morning to 3.0.7300 by stopping service and then waiting for package centre to advise update was ready and then pressed update, the download seemed to go ok but when I tried to start the package kept getting "Failed to run the package service". Any ideas anyone, log is attached available at https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_6qLrpWrZlFTV9wTndsOVd5eWc Cheers and TIA Brad PS Is there a way to reinstall the 7200 package?
  11. snuf

    Admin page

    How can i connect with the emby admin page from the app? First i could connect from the settings page but this option is gone?
  12. Hello friends . Well, I installed Emby in my windows 10 and would take a question with YOU . 1. Possible And I use my own domain for others to access my movies Server. 2. inves the Leaving of a localhost , I Can Adicionar serve Inside My hosting Godaddy . Thus my Emby , Would Stay in the air, EVEN IF my pc was Off, . 3. Is How I use a Emby structure not wordpress ? Well, I hope a little help from YOU Excuses For my English! I'm from Brazil and I'm not very good no English Regards , Jefter
  13. hey for most of my movies (looks like especially HD content) chapter image extraction doesn't work at all or only the first couple of chapters get an image. Is this still the problem discussed here?: https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Emby/issues/190 so is there no way to get it to work? 2016-08-23 23:51:23.2555 Info MediaEncoder: Killing ffmpeg process 2016-08-23 23:51:24.2679 Error MediaEncoder: ffmpeg image extraction failed for file:"/volume1/WollesNAS/Filme/Watchmen - Die Wächter (2009)/Watchmen - Die Wächter.1080p.bluray.ac3.mkv" 2016-08-23 23:51:24.2706 Error App: Error extra
  14. Issue description: When navigating large playlist the screen jumps twice when scrolling down. I have 2 shorter Playlists that don't have the problem (don't extend past bottom of screen), only seems to happen to my one playlist which is 2011 songs long att Steps to reproduce: ​Navigate to Playlists ​Click on a large Playlist ​Scroll down using Arrow down key through list of songs - screen jumps twice ​Scroll all the way to top menus and screen goes back to normal My TV/HTS/BD Player model number: F8000 with SEK-2000 Evokit My firmware version: 1206 Other TVs etc. t
  15. Issue description: When displaying Artist or Album Artists there is a green "Und" circle where there should be number of albums or songs (not sure which). This error was fixed awhile back, but seems to have come up again at some point. ​Also, notice at the bottom the screen jumped up within Album Artists. I've been able to duplicate this in long Playlists and AA now. Those are the only 2 have found to do this Steps to reproduce: ​Navigate to Albums Artists (or Artists) ​Select a letter ​Green "und" circle shows up on all My TV/HTS/BD Player model number: F8000 with SEK-2
  16. Issue description: When playing an Album the Now Playing section will overlay the song list if the song list extends to the bottom of the screen Steps to reproduce: ​Navigate to Albums Artists (you can choose another way to navigate to an album also, does the same) ​Select an album to play ​Click "Play All" ​Song title now playing overlays the list at bottom My TV/HTS/BD Player model number: F8000 with SEK-2000 Evokit My firmware version: 1206 Other TVs etc. the issue has been reproduced on: HT-6500W My Emby server version: Version My curr
  17. If I shutdown emby from the web app, I can't start it from the synology package manager. I recently started experiencing this problem after updating from beta to However, if I shut down emby from the synology package manager, it will start back up from the package manager just fine Here are the server logs from the point the shutdown command was issued in the web app. This is what I am seeing in the start-stop-status log when I try and start emby: [2016-08-17 23:06:45 UTC] Script called with action [status]... [2016-08-17 23:06:45 UTC] >> PID file [/var
  18. Sorry, ignore this topic (delete if appropriate), I saw @@Luke posts about this likely being a IPv6 issue on the beta stream. Hi @@solabc16, Strange one here... I was happily working on the beta stream 3.1.89, and had just finished rebuilding and populating my large collection after all our changes to fix the recent issues, and everything was working very well. I watched a show (through Kodi), but not long after it completed I received the notification that the connection to Emby Server had been lost. I checked the Synology Package Centre and it showed as running, but web b
  19. Server hangs daily. It can be stopped and restarted. server-63605606400.txt
  20. Last night after updating to Beta (Mono) on my Synology NAS, I was asked to enter my password when I logged in. I found this odd as Emby was set to login on the local network using a PIN code. I went in to the user settings, and found that the option for using the PIN code to login was not checked. I clicked on it and the check mark appeared. I saved the settings and exited. Later that night I was asked for my password again when I logged in. Upon review of the user settings, I found that the PIN code option was once again unchecked. I could do nothing to get the setting to "st
  21. Techzz

    DS2413+ Issues

    Not sure whats the problem. Usually crashes randomly I am guessing the scheduled tasks are causing to crash. Its crashing less though since I disabled DLNA and Subtitle download / checks These are the two last server logs: See attachments for the logs. Nothing special has been set from a stock install... Also to add pausing and resume (while watching in chrome browser from what I have tested) producers a video error and starts the stream again.. Update: Forced all the schedules to run after each were done and it didn't crash... I guess that doesn't make it any better... s
  22. Had the previous Emby Server manual installation for Synology DSM 6.0 on a DS412+... Followed instructions on these forums for the install. I un-installed that Emby Server installation once the official package was available on the DSM Package Manager. I installed the official Emby Server Synology package and attempted to scan my Media Library. (I have followed all instructions, granted embysvr user read/write permissions to library. etc.) Now the Emby server eventually becomes unresponsive and looking at the logs show "Operating system: Unix Processor count: 4 64-
  23. childsy

    Emby Server Hangs on DS1813

    Hi Everyone, I've just recently installed Emby Server on my Diskstation DS1813+, and have been having issues where it hangs and becomes unresponsive not too long after starting up. When it is in this state, I try to access the Emby Dashboard, and get a black screen with a button up the top left that says "ButtonHome". The only way to fix it is to stop the app in Diskstation Manager, and start it again. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks
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