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Media Browser Server 3.0.5211 Released




We've been pretty busy over the past few weeks and have added quite a bit thanks to the help of some new contributors. Let's run through the highlights:

  • Beginning to localize Media Browser Server
  • DLNA Play To improvements
  • DLNA Profile editing
  • Multi-version movie grouping
  • Anime TV fixes
  • More efficient transcoding
  • The web client now has a 'selected player'
  • Live TV news - Next Pvr launching

Beginning to Localize


We are working hard to translate all of our apps into as many languages as possible. Thanks to the help of 30+ translators, that's becoming a reality. Please be aware the server is only about 33% localized. We'll need a couple more release cycles to finish the job. We're giving you guys a taste of it in hopes you'll join us and help out.


Please send me a message if you would like to help translate.




Ultimately, you'll have default server settings, for the server, and then connected users will be able to have their own language settings.



DLNA Improvements


In preparation for our upcoming DLNA server, we're launching a profile editing system. If your device is being fussy you can fix it right from your web browser. No need to hunt down configuration files.


Perfecting these profiles and adding new ones will be a great community project. Right now our DLNA features support just a small number of devices, but with the community's help we can easily expand that and support quite a bit more.






Multi-Version Video Grouping


If you keep multiple encodings of videos, we now have easy ways to group them together.


Movies can be grouped together in your movie folder:



300 - 1080p.mkv

300 - 3D.mkv


But if you don't want to bother changing folders, you can also do it right from the editing interface:





Movies and Episodes both support this feature. Once videos are grouped, you'll see all the versions listed on the detail page:




So what does this mean?


Clients that transcode will automatically choose the version that is most optimal for them, in order to reduce the load on your server and your bandwidth. Clients that do not transcode will automatically choose the highest quality version, or present a selection screen when the choice is not obvious.


Please note this is intended for multiple encodings of the same content, and not grouping together editions like theatrical and director's cut. This feature is intended to be a performance optimization, but we may consider expanding it later.


Transcoding Improvements


You'll see it with Android, Roku, iOS, Windows 8/RT, Windows Phone and Chromecast. More direct streaming when possible to prevent transcoding.



Web Client Selected Player


Instead of having to use a separate remote control player, now you just click the friendly icon in the top-right hand corner and you'll get a nice slide out menu to choose your selected player.


Then all plays will be sent to the selected player.





Anime TV Fixes


As promised, the server is becoming more friendly to Anime. Once you have the new server you'll be able to get Aphid's update to his Anime metadata plugin.




Next PVR Launch


Thanks to Sven we'll have a Next PVR plugin launching this week to provide an alternate data source for Live TV.



Odds and Ends


TV Shows in the web client now have a slick new banner view:




And it now remembers your sorting settings.


Also, if you're not comfortable with the presence of Delete buttons, now you can control who can delete content.





Don't Forget


The web client is built to be used on any size screen. Use it on the sofa with your tablet, or your smartphone while you're on the go. It's your view and control of your media, wherever you are. And it will still be just as easy to use as if you had a mouse and keyboard.





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Where can it be downloaded? I get an older version. Please write on downloadpage version number of download.

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Excellent news. love to see the ability to handle multiple versions of the same movie. The DLNA capabilities are probably the best of any Server out there and now with users to be able to make their own profiles it is even better.


Luke, Can you please clarify if the DLNA Play-to function is actually originating at the Server?  I.e.: The server "plays to" the DLNA TV, or does the MB client app plays-to the TV? When I use a windows tablet and play a movie using the windows build in Play-To and I turn off (re-boot) the tablet, the movie stops play-back. When I use a MB client from the same tablet and then re-boot, the movie just keeps playing as if it was playing from the server.

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"Clients that transcode will automatically choose the version that is most optimal for them, in order to reduce the load on your server and your bandwidth. Clients that do not transcode will automatically choose the highest quality version, or present a selection screen when the choice is not obvious."


What does this mean for 3D versions like in your example?  Would that give the selection screen, I assume?

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Very nice looking changes. Been playing a little with it today.


Since the "group versions" is for multiple formats and not different versions of the same film (theatrical vs. directors cut) is there going to be a method for multiple cuts? IMDB/TMDB/etc. don't differentiate between cuts so I want to keep them in the same folder instead of having two movies with the same name show up in the list. Any recommendations if there isn't going to be a real method for this?

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It's already the best, but MB3 gets better with every release.

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I can't believe how far MB has come...I still remember the first beta being released!  Great job guys, really!  Keep it up!

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Tried the DLNA play to for the first time tonight...hooked up the ethernet cable to my older (5 yrs?) Samsung un46c7000 and...wow...I can just control everything through the windows 8.1 store app and a little 7" toshiba encore tablet.


Awesome stuff!


I'm not sure if this is actually required or not any more but I remember having to do a bit of a reg hack to get some other stuff to work on my TV which windows was reporting a not certified. 


Regardless, properly brilliant progress guys - love where you are now and excited about the direction things are headed.  Another donation coming your way :-)

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Just noticed when I actually have 2 different versions (3D and 1080p) files in the same movie directory, the Server also downloads separate meta data for each version, any way that can be stopped?

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 Do the clients need to be updated to handle this new multi version feature?

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Love the updates! I especially like being able to the multi-version option, but I do have one suggestion/concern. I normally keep both 3D and regular versions of 3D films. I would like to group them, but would need the ability to select which version I want to play at any given time. Is there a chance that the user could select which version to play?



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