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Automatic Refresh Rate Switching - Now in the Android TV app



Automatic Refresh Rate Switching


The Android TV app now (as of version 1.2.11g) supports automatic refresh rate switching on supported devices. This requires Android 6.0+ and a display that supports the target refresh rate. The app will now automatically adjust your panel's refresh rate to a frequency that better matches the video being played if possible. This requires no special setup but can be disabled with an option in the settings page if desired.


Other Improvements


In addition to the above, several improvements have been made in both playback and general performance. Get the update now on your device or through Google Play.

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Nice work ebr and the rest of the team. I'm assuming this doesn't include the FireTV version of Emby yet?

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Yes, nice work. I have a question about the Android TV app. I have an NVIDIA Shield, which is a fairly powerful little Android TV device, and the latest updates for it included a new version of Plex that does not only client duty but server as well. Although I really prefer Emby, the ability to leave my Windows PC off, and run the server from the Shield (attaching to and managing my library on a Drobo 5N NAS via NFS or SMB) is tempting. I was wondering, does the Emby team have any plans to allow the Emby server to run on Android TV (or specifically NVIDIA Shield) as well, or are you sticking to just the client on that device?


Edit: I found a thread in the forum about this topic. Sorry, I probably shouldn't have asked on the blog post. I'll figure this out eventually (I'm fairly new here). Thanks. :)   http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/35757-ot-shield-android-tv-update-32-will-add-a-built-in-server-and-remote-file-access-among-other-improvements/

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