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Media Browser for Windows Phone Released




A couple of weeks ago, we were really excited to announce our first app was out in the wild on iOS. Today, we're just as excited to announce the general availability of Media Browser for Windows Phone.


This app is available for both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8, although it should be noted that currently, video streaming is only available on Windows Phone 8.


What can you do with this app? Well:

  • Stream your videos (WP8 only)
  • Stream your music
  • Browse your collection
  • Start a video on another MB3 client
  • Remote control another MB3 client (assuming the client supports it)
  • Set your lock screen image to use images from your collections (WP8 only)
  • Pin you collections to your start screen
  • Pin the remote control to your start screen

The app costs £2.99 ($3.99) and does have a trial version which consists of the following limitations:

  • Only one video can be streamed per day. You can stream as much of that video, and as often as you like, but only that one video, until the next day.
  • The remote control will only let you control a web client (so none of the other clients).




Remember, as with the iOS (and Android when it's available), if you download the app, do please rate/review the app. With the Windows Phone app, you can rate/review even if you only download the trial version.


We hope you enjoy this app and stay tuned for the future as there will be updates.

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Recommended Comments

As someone that uses this app, literally everyday,I'll vouch for Scott and this incredible app!


Scott you deserve all the praise, you can get.

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Great work Scott!! This is such great news for the MB community.  


Well done mate :)

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Please consider supporting Scott by purchasing the app and leaving a review in the windows store.

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Great work Scott, just wonderfull.

I have been waiting for this app for weeks now and will sure purchase it as I do appriciate your hard work on this

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Awesome work Scott, I'll be buying it asap.  Thanks for all the hard work.

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finally thank u for this. but one ? is it possible to configure to use on the go? or local wifi network only?

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@Kobey: Yes, you can use it on the go. You just need to make sure you have some way of accessing your server externally. Using something like no-ip works just fine.

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Tried to buy it, but it's not avail in the Canadian store. Any ETA on when it will be added?

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@Netbug: not sure why you can't buy it, Canada is definitely selected and it looks like there's already a review from someone on the Canadian store. I'd try again in a bit.

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My mistake. I had my region set to the US for the mapping software to work. It has installed now. Sorry to bother you. Very much looking forward to using it. :)

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just finally bought this after missing out on the beta...and all I can say is...FRACKIN AWSOME!!!! best paid app on my phone. nokia lumia 521 win 8. THANK YOU!

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