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New Server Beta Released - 3.0.5231.40980

Posted by Luke , 28 April 2014 · 5111 views

  • New translations
  • DLNA Play To improvements
  • New DLNA Server
  • Enhanced DLNA profile editing
  • New server notification system
  • New transcoding audio boost setting
  • New collection grouping setting
  • Improved mobile layouts in the web client
  • Display mirroring added to the web client
  • Theme songs in the web client
New translations

Thanks to the community effort, Media Browser Server is now about 60% translated, and new languages have been added. We're still looking to improve our localization, so please let us know if you would like to help translate.

Posted Image

DLNA Play To Improvements

Again thanks to community efforts, we've improved our DLNA Play To device support. This is still an ongoing effort, so please join in and share your experiences with us.

DLNA Server

Media Browser now features a full DLNA server, which significantly increases the number of devices we support. It is highly configurable and allows you to choose which user library is presented by the server. (This can be selected independently for each device and will be discussed later).

As this is a brand new feature it may not yet work with every device out there. Please join in the community effort to report issues and expand our device support.

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Enhanced DLNA Profile Editing

It's now easier than ever to edit DLNA profiles, and a number of new settings have been added to help you fine tune for your devices. You can even choose which user library is presented to each device by the Dlna server.

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New Server Notification System

This is a fun one. Now when various server events take place, you can choose how and when you want to be notified:

Posted Image

Once you enable a notification, you can choose who receives it, what notification services are used, and you can customize the message title.

Posted Image

By default, the server ships with one included notification service, the dashboard notifications you've already come to know and love. How do you get more? By installing them from the plugin catalog:

Posted Image

New Transcoding Audio Boost Setting

Depending on how you've encoded your media, you may or may not want the audio boost we're applying. So now you can control that.

Posted Image

New Collection Grouping Setting

With the last release we enabled movie collection grouping, and we understand not everybody is going to want that, so now you can control it easily.

Posted Image

Improved Mobile Layouts

Backdrops on your smartphone? Check! And an easy to use media controller..

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New Display Mirroring

Now when you select your player, you can enable display mirroring, and as you browse around in the web client the same content will also be displayed on the app your controlling. Please note you won't see this option with all clients until they've added support for this.

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Theme Songs in the web client

The web client now plays theme songs. This can be toggled in the user preferences slide out menu.

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Great release!


Koleckai Silvestri
Apr 28 2014 06:49 PM

Thanks for the ability to view movies without collapsing the collections. This allows me to get accurate views on my Admin account.

I don't see a version number?

Apr 28 2014 07:58 PM

Looks good, very impressive! 

awesome, excited for the notifications!

Is this definitely in the beta channel and not just dev?  I'm in the former and haven't seen any update yet.

My system isn't seeing this available as a Beta update either.  Developer maybe?

It will be a staged rollout you will get is soon.

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I'm just blown away by every release.

Good morning everyone! 
Great update! Next, I will give a hint for developers: 
you could develop a script that makes a pairing of portable devices (smartphones, tablets) for audio albums can be paired. I believe it is simple to make, I believe with a simple session with the device and get a simple fix. 
the idea is not bad, I think many users would support the idea, because not everyone can is connected 24hrs in media server, and with this solution I could download the album for the device and enjoy until the next time you connect to the media server again :) 
Regards to all!

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