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ListenBrainz Plugin Now Available for Emby Server

Posted by Luke , 14 March 2019 · 6768 views

There is a new ListenBrainz plugin available for Emby Server. Music fans will want to check this out in the Emby plugin catalog.


The ListenBrainz project is similar to the original AudioScrobbler®. Unlike the original project, ListenBrainz is open source and will publish its data as open data.


A team of former Last.fm and current MusicBrainz hackers created the first version of ListenBrainz in the space of a weekend. Since the original project was created, technology has advanced at an incredibly rapid pace, which made re-creating the original project fairly straightforward.

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I couldn't find any specific references to this but would this track podcasts as well? It seems like that could add some value to your existing podcast plugin.

I LOVED MusicBrainz!  I'll check it out, I have over 3 TB of music.

This sounds great - but I do not see it in the catalog anywhere. Is it for a beta/dev version only or release?