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Emby Server 3.5.3 Released

Posted by Luke , 20 September 2018 · 9838 views

Emby Server 3.5.3 has been released to address two small issues. Here are the highlights.

  • Resolve Chrome 69+ scroll problems
  • Resolve repeat install prompts for Visual Studio C++ libraries.



  • Resolve Chrome 69+ scroll problems


Problem still present in this version (opening meta data editor, doing nothing, close it, scrolls up)

Doesn't happen using the Image Selector Editor. Maybe this helps finally eliminating this bug in the next version.

how to put in the information so you can get your stations up and running . do they have a video on how to load and put the in . i need to how to put in .

I am a new Emby subscriber and would love to except your invite to your server

how can i edit my tv channel list?

where to download? :)

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como conectar na tv lg

how to update to this version.


thanks and regards

I am sorry to ask something so basic but I cannot find the FreeNas Emby Plugin 3.5.3 version so I add it via FreeNAS web interface

Nov 22 2018 07:26 AM

When wil new update relases for emby server?
i keep having problem with memory related to this post:

Is there a FreeNAS plugin update?

So when will this be available on QnapClub?