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Introducing Emby

Posted by ebr , 17 March 2015 · 27392 views

We have some exciting news. Over the next couple of months, Media Browser will become Emby.

Our new home will be http://emby.media

Why are we changing the name?

Media Browser has been a great name over the past several years but we feel we have outgrown it. It is no longer descriptive of what we really are and carries with it some preconceptions in the minds of both people who may have heard about or used us in the past and new people who have never heard of us. We want to change that.

So, introducing our new, short, catchy name that still pays homage to our origins (it sounds like "MB" when you say it) but lets us break free and continue to grow into the entire ecosystem that we are becoming. Given our broad presence in all the app stores, and future potential, we wanted to come up with a short and fun name that everybody's wives, kids and grandmothers will be able to remember. We were not looking for a name that describes the project, because that's very difficult to do and, undoubtedly, will end up meaning different things to different people. Short, catchy and unique were really the top requirements.

Why something so odd?

Think "Google" or "Skype" before you knew what they were. That's what we're going for. We don't want someone to hear the name and think they know what it is based on a connotation of that particular word. We want them to hear the name and say "What's that...?". Then, as time goes on, we become the name and the name becomes a synonym for "Awesome Media Server Ecosystem".

Please know that this change has not happened overnight. The process of finding a new name has been going on for months and has been very, very difficult but, we are happy with where we have finally landed and believe it will accomplish the goals we set out when we started thinking about a new name for the project.

What about the website?

The new website address will be emby.media. Securing a domain name was one of the largest constraints in this whole process but we feel emby.media describes what we are and will be a fine home for us going forward. We hope maybe to also get emby.tv but that is currently in use. We are working on it though. In the end, the actual domain name isn't as important as the other goals because people will find us via search engines, not by typing in a web address.

What about the logo?

This is where we are going to want to enlist your help. Watch the forums for a call for submissions on ideas for a new logo to fit with our new name. We will open it up to everyone and consider all ideas. I know you guys can help us come up with a great new look for our new name.

When is all of this going to happen?

The whole process will take some time as a lot of things will need to change. It won't be a single, coordinated date where you see everything change. It will trickle out over all of the different components over a period of weeks and maybe even a few months. We'll take our time and allow developers adequate time to make all of the branding changes necessary.

So, that's it. We on the dev team are very excited about this new direction and the possibilities it opens up for us for the future. Nothing is changing but the branding. The product is still going to be the best darned media solution out there. Welcome to the new ride.

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did you get the github name for emby as well? or what is that going to be :)


also i like it, mostly because it's shorter!

also, don't forget to pickup the twitter handle : emby_media (or something)

So does that make us Embers :)

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I can't say I was the biggest fan of this name at first when I heard it the other day, but it quickly grew on me. In 5 seconds. Unlike Kodi.

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I like it!

Yeah, I reckon it will catch on. It's got something... :)

Sound like Embrayo, xbmc >Kodi, Media browser>Emby Well !!!!!!!! let's see the logo, it is what it is embrace it, under the hood is what counts, I am a diehard of MB regardless of the media name, let’s embrace the name

Love it

Nice! I can't wait to see this fully implemented!

I like it! (I confess it took me a second. "Emby? Why Emby? OHHH". Don't tell anybody). It's short, it's whimsical, the GF thinks it's cute. Rolls off the tongue better than "MEDIA BROWSER" for her to say "I want to watch Hot Tub Time Machine, is it on Emby?" More friendly and anthropomorphic.


Kodi, yeah, well, not a huge fan, but XBMC is hard to type and impossible to say, so definitely an improvement. (Although is it Low-dye, like Lodi, California? Or Low-dee? Meh). We usually say "in the TV room" (Kodi) or everywhere else (MB/Emby).


Most importantly it's unique- googling for "media browser" or "mediabrowser" you end up with a panoply of random unrelatedness, Kodi and Emby don't suffer from that. The domain is always tough; yeah, it's pointless, except people are JUST getting used to .tv- the newer TLDs not at all- so typing "yeah, you can run it too- just go to emby.media (or saying 'embee-dot-media')" will confuse them. However will we survive this tragedy! :)


I wish I could draw; I keep thinking of a variation on the SF Chronicle's classic "Little Man" for movie reviews. The happy one, of course!5508ab241b250_the_little_man.png

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I do hope this will not make new purchases necessary for those who bought Media Browser.

Koleckai Silvestri
Mar 17 2015 07:22 PM

Will be an interesting change.

R.I.P. MediaBrowser oh you were great. It'll take a bit to get used to the new name.

I was thinking the other day how all of the changes over the past year and a half since I started using Emby have really outgrown the name media browser and made it seem clunky and generic for something that is anything but. I love the new choice of name and its origins. I might just have to throw my hat in for logo submissions when that opens up!

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So will it be Emby Classic, Emby Theater, etc...???  Good choice, in my opinion, for a name change.  It's a change, but it isn't.  MBClassic, MbTheater, etc...  I was saying it internally half the time anyways.  I'm gonna have to start sketching logo ideas.  

Mar 17 2015 11:44 PM

Great. I like change. I have purchased the Media Browser app for my iOS, Andriod and Windows devices.  Does this mean I have to buy them again?

Mar 18 2015 03:43 AM
Let me clear something up here. Your purchases are linked to your email addresses you have used for supporter. Its not going to be a revision change i.e. Moving to 4.x.x.x so you will be fine, its just a rebranding. @ebr @luke great to see this finally become reality.
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Another stride forward for our beloved MB!  That's really great guys - congrats on another milestone.  Now, if we could just get MBT out of alpha...  :)

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Yeah....that´s great