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Need a new year's resolution? Join our open media project.

Posted by Luke , 31 December 2014 · 3230 views


Happy new year! If you're a coder who likes movies, tv, music and games, now is a better time than ever get involved and join the project. No matter your skill set, whether it's Java, C# or even Pascal, we can find a place for you. Here are some areas we're currently looking for help with, but if you have your own ideas we'd like to hear them.

Available Projects

We are looking for a contributor to help bring new features to our Trakt plugin. Trakt has added new data to their api such as media info and more social data, and we'd like to incorporate this.

Smart TV apps
If you're skilled with html and javascript, why not help out with our Samsung app development? It is a great app already and another contributor or two can help bring it to new levels.

ImageMagick integration
We are moving server image processing away from GDI+ and towards ImageMagick, to help make installation easier on NAS devices such as Synology. If you're familiar with ImageMagick, an extra set of hands can help get this done sooner, and then everyone will see a wave of announcements of server availability on new devices.

New internet channels
This one should go without saying. Channels are always in high demand.

Server analytics and reporting
2015 will be the year of Big Data. As you should all know by now, we like data and we like to put it to use. Help us take it to new levels.

Your own pet project
People fork our code and submit pull requests on an almost daily basis. It makes us very happy and helps keep the project growing. This is a community project and everyone has a chance to put their own stamp on it.

Developer Libraries

Not only are our apps open source, but so are the engines we've created to power them. They're available in stand-alone form and can be used to create new apps, widgets, themes, or just about anything you like. Explore our developer resources:

Java/Android: https://github.com/M....ApiClient.Java
C#/.NET: https://github.com/M...owser.ApiClient
JavaScript: https://github.com/M...d-ui/thirdparty
Developer wiki: https://github.com/M...diaBrowser/wiki
Kodi Skin Helper: https://github.com/M...Kodi.SkinHelper

How do I get started?

The best way to begin is by joining the community and saying hello.

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I second this.  Over in the Kodi thread - if you are interested in learning more about programming, we are more than willing to help.  We have a multitude of things for all experience levels.  I have personally learned a lot from participating in this project and it has been quite rewarding.

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