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Script: Alter Continue Watching (CW) behaviour, ongoing episodes are moved to the beginning of CW ribbon

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For 4.6.0.X beta

Currently if you play an episode half way it will not move to the beginning of the continue watching (new design) ribbon.

This script alters that behaviour.


Its a big fudge as it sets the "lastplayeddate" of the last watched (previous) episode in the  show to now(), to achieve its ends; which may have unforseen consequences/undesirable outcomes.

current status: initial build very limited testing.

should work on all platforms which support Powershell 7 windows, linux etc.



Install Powershell 7.0 on OS

Install Scripter X plugin on Emby

unzip to folder

enter apikey values in config file.

set ScripterX parameters for event onPlayBackStart

Interpreter: pwsh

Script File: -File "A:\Example\CorrectCWOrder.ps1"

Parameters: -Id "%item.id%" -userid "%user.id%"

Conditions: %item.type% equals episode


CorrectCW v0.0.0.1.zip

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