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Emby server for android 4.2.2

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I'd like to use emby to control the media system in my car, an honda civic 2019. The components of the network are:

A) honda civic central multimidea with android 4.2.2. It should be the server, because here I can connect an usb hard drive.

B) 2 samsung tablets with android 4.4 4 that will be the clients. 

C) my smartphone Samsung a71 with android 11 that Will be the lan wifi router.

Please help me, i need it for my baby. 

Thanks a lot.

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Hi, I don't think something like this is possible as it's not a computer per say but an industrial implementation.
For example does your headend support streaming or communicating to clients via WIFI or supporting an internal in car IP network?

It sounds like what you want/need is a small portable Emby Server and WIFI network.  An android phone or tablet with media converted to direct play works really well as an Emby server for a couple of clients.

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Thanks for your answer @cayars. Yes it supports wifi and streaming,  I'm already using it to do that with kodi and yatse. But i need enhance the system with emby, threfore what I need is the installation file of emby server compatible for android 4.2.2. Do you know where can I find it to download? 

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emby server compatible for android 4.2.2

Hi, we don't have this, sorry. Our Emby Server for Android requires Android 6.0+.

Our Emby player app can be installed from the store for older versions of android, but not the server.

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