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Old shows recorded using WMC display with wrong aspect ratio

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So it is my first post...most things I seem to be getting figured out on a fresh install of everything.  I am a long time user of WMC.  It combined with my ceton card is the only one that handles the DRM stuff.  So, I'm trying to update things so I can use ROKU and smartTV apps for viewing.  Most things I am getting figured out pretty easily. 

HOWEVER, I have slugs of old programs recorded using WMC.  When I try to view in Emby using the serverWMC plug-in or the livetv area under recording, I get a messed up aspect ratio on a lot of programs.  SD I think is all of them.  If regular old aspect ratio is 4:3, it looks like is displaying 2:3.  

More to report is, this issue seems to be ROKU.  On my Samsung TV, android app and browser, the aspect ratio seems correct.  Also, last night, before installing EMBY, I used Jellyfin and used the Jellyfin app on ROKU with a pretty much identical set up and the aspect ratio there was correct.  So, is this a setting problem or a problem with the ROKU app?



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Just another thought as I am thinking about it as I work towards putting this all together with my old WMC machine plugging along.  Then a new machine with Emby.


Scenario #1 (this one I know the flow)

Recorded TV is housed on WMC.  So when Emby calls for TV, it flows from WMC to Emby to extender.


Scenario #2 (how does it work)

Recorded TV is housed on Emby

So when Emby calls for recorded TV how is the flow:

A) WMC calls for media, gets it from Emby only to send it back to Emby to send it to extender


b) WMC tells Emby "it is over there, get it yourself"


Just trying to figure out the best place to store my recorded TV. 

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