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Volume issues

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I am not seeing an option to boost audio level during playback like Plex or even an option to do so not during playback. The movie I am trying to play, audio level is too low making it impossible to watch it. And I don't like subs unless it's a foreign film. If this isn't an option please put it near the top of the list. It is a must have feature.

I am using Android phone to cast through chromecast. Most of my media's audio level is tolerable but the ones that aren't I need to be able to raise the volume past the defaults. Being semi-hard of hearing doesn't help which Is why I blast my tv volume most of the time. Can't do that with Emby unless I'm missing something. 

Not trying to sound rude just frustrated. 

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Are you saying the audio track is just low or is it specific to this playback method?

Can you go over a specific example but if the device natively supports the audio track Transcode Downmixing does not apply.

Audio boost when downmixing:

Boost audio when downmixing. Set to 1 to preserve original volume value.

But sound exactly like this discussion.



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See I dont know what you mean by downmixing. As far as transcoding I believe it's when it converts the video. 

The video format is 720 h264 and audio says und aac stereo default. I have no idea what any of it but 720 means. 

But yeah audio on some movies like this one is just low. Can't turn it up anymore because the tv and my phone volume is up to the max.

This is one of the areas where, I really hate to say it cuz I hate Plex, does it better because they do give you a boost audio button and that fixed my issue. If Emby figures out a way to minimic what Plex has done in this area I would be ecstatic. 

EDIT: I set the value to one but that doesn't fix it. Made it ever slightly louder but not even close to enough difference. Maybe it's just the move. What kind of example are you needing. Sorry I'd like to be of more help but I don't really know how. I also don't know how to provide logs but if you need them and don't mind walking me through it that might be helpful. 

Similar discussion as the other post. I'd prefer you don't merge me though. 

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