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rasberry pi freeze on some videos

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My raspberry pi4 4GB is freezing on some specific videos, it does not appear to be random
I could use some help trying to find out where i can start pulling this thread to find why the pi is crashing on some vidoes,

I had a look in /var/log but i found nothing and i would appreciate some guidance :)

i'm using the latest emby raspian iso:


The videos that work and the videos that don't work are both being direct played. And they appear to me to be of the same encoding and container.
I have never had a pi before so my setup has not previously worked.

I've attached 9 minutes of logs from my mediaserver but the videos play perfectly fine on my computer on firefox so i would imagine this issue is with my raspberry pi and not my mediaserver, The entire thing freezes, No keyboard input is working either.
But the docker containers i'm running in the background are just fine and the logs for xorg and lightdm indicate no errors.

Restarting lightdm drops me to the infamous black screen with a cursor and emby is still crashed in the background so starting a new xsession is pointless.

I eventually found something minor in /home/pi/.xsession-errors, see pi4-freezes-xsession-errors.txt
  log: pi4-freezes-xsession-errors.txt

Another crash and the attached .xsession-errors for it, This video was playing perfectly fine until i skipped ahead 30 seconds and it caused the crash.
    log: pi4-freezes-xsession-errors-second-crash.txt
I also included the xorg log for that reboot, but i don't think there is anything wrong in it.
    log: Xorg.1.log

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I got impatient so i chose to go with kodi and kodi for emby, I'm going to delete my logs for privacy reasons.

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