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Question about upgrading my server


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I'm thinking of upgrading my server with an ssd deive but was also thinking of adding an m2 deive. I have 1 pci 3.0 x16 & 2 pci Express 3.0 x1 slots. Would i.be able to put an m2 ssd in the x16 slot? I checked the manual for my mobo & it said it could be an nvme bootable drive. If not then I'm just going to put everything on 1 ssd.



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Hey doofus long time no talk...lol. it's the server u were helping me build. The motherboard is an asrock b150m HD lga1151 with an i5. I only have 1 expansion card hooked up for additional sata ports for all my hard drives. Its strictly used for emby, playon and when I edit my shows. Nothing else.

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Guest asrequested

So you're just planning to switch your main drive from a mechanical to an SSD? Just use a standard SSD. An M.2 is really only worth while if it plugs into your motherboard, and you wouldn't notice any difference. And in your case, you don't have many channels to truly support it. Just use a regular SSD.

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