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Auto Remove Deleted Files


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I've been using Emby for Kodi for a long time and just love how it keeps all my devices synced.  One problem I've been having for a bit now that I haven't been able to resolve is with removed library files.  Here's what I mean:


Previously, my Kodi devices running the emby addon would immediately detect when new media was added and update my library accordingly.  At the same time, if I deleted a movie, it would also delete it from my library database within Kodi (excellent!).  I would rarely, if ever, have to run the Clean Library command within the Kodi settings.


New behavior, adding new movies still automatically adds them to my library in Kodi.  However, if those items are deleted it is not noted by Kodi and the item remains in the library.  I have to manually remove it by selecting the context menu over the movie, selecting manage, and then delete this item.  If I use the Clean Library function within the Kodi settings, the entire database is wiped and I have to force refresh everything.


I will post a log file if needed, but I wanted to get some suggestions before doing so because clearing/force refreshing my library will take about 20 minutes so I can produce the logfile and I'd like to avoid going through that if possible.


*note: this behavior is occuring on both of my Kodi devices running the Emby for Kodi 3.0.20a



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I don't have this issue. Can you replicate and post your Kodi log? How are you removing items from your server? Is Kodi running at the time? Is Kodi playing something at the time?


If Kodi is not running at the time, then turn off Kodi. Remove something from your server as you would and then turn on Kodi wait a few and post your log.


If Kodi was running, then make sure you repeat the steps (if you are playing something at the time, etc) and post your Kodi log.


I've delayed live updates to after playback ends (except for live tv), because people reported they were being lagged out during playback.

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Thanks for the in depth response.  After reading your questions I realized that I used to log out of Kodi with the auto log out add-on.  It seems that exiting Kodi and re-entering does update and remove deleted library items.

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