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(Feature) Play 3D content as 2D w/o external player

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As 3D playback still requires external programs:


Would it be possible to use the App to display only one half of the HSBS/HTOB content so that we at least could watch it in 2D, and use external players only if we actually want to watch 3D?



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When I wanted to watch a 3D movie

- I either used Kodi with the Emby Plugin


- forced my device manually in the 3D SBS mode (which of course messes up the menu)



Had some issues with external players launched from Kodi (because path substituion was not setup correctly yet), but should be fixed by now.

I will try that with VLC as soon as I can.

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Ok, seems neither VLC nor Kodi support showing only a mono image of a stereo 3D image. (Kodi "just" supports the SBS/HTOB duplication of the menu for correct 3D usage, something I still suggest for Emby too)

In fact I was only able to watch it "normally" by enabling "Mono 3D mode" in my 3D capable display device...


But I think it is still a valid suggestion, as you may want to playback a 3D movie on a device (e.g. tablet) that does not support it.

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So, after reading some info about Kodi, I realised I had to change some setting to get it working.


Kodi supports playing 3D content in monoscopic mode.

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I specifically asked about VLC because we embed a version of that in the app.  If VLC cannot do it then we probably won't be able to either at this time.  So, for now, using an external player is your best option.

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Thank you for your response.


As the VLC app is quite "simplified" in terms of options, it is not possible with that.


I can not tell if it is possible using an android compatible binary...


On other platforms (Win, Mac, Linux) however it is possible:


Using either something like:

vlc path/movie.mp4 --monitor-par=0.5 --video-filter=croppadd{cropright=640}

(640 = half the width of the movie) link (german)



vlc --vout-filter=wall --wall-cols=2 --wall-rows=1 --wall-active=1 path/movie.mkv --aspect-ratio 16:9

link (english)





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