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Emby Server 4.0.2 Released




Emby Server 4.0.2 is currently rolling out to address a few issues we've uncovered with the new 4.0 release. Here are the highlights:

  • Resolve slow scans for movie libraries
  • Various fixes for mixed content detection
  • Fix multi-version movie support for mixed content libraries
  • Fix season shuffle
  • Fix hevc main 10 stream copying not happening
  • Fix continue watching not respecting sub-folder access
  • Fix shared user data for duplicated movies
  • Improve image language prioritization
  • Fix live tv recordings tab pulling media from wrong folders
  • Fix playlists and collections being case sensitive
  • Fix next episode autoplay in Firefox
  • Update Omdb to ignore #DUPE# results.
  • Fix forgot pin redirect
  • Fix continue listening header text
  • Fix alpha picker overlapping now playing bar
  • Fix favorite movies getting collection setting
  • Remove unnecessary conversion of .smi subtitles causing failures
  • Improve support for OpenSubtitles VIP status
  • Add folder views to Dlna
  • Add type icons to metadata manager sidebar
  • Prevent movies from inheriting images from parent folders
  • Improve dynamic probing of media with multiple media sources
  • Add workaround for image related crashing

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  • Various fixes for mixed content detection
  • Fix multi-version movie support for mixed content libraries


I know mixed-content libraries are probably much less-used than proper TV and Movies libraries - and based on previous support issues, it sounds like they're a pain to support as well - but I appreciate your continued development efforts for them. Honestly mixed-content library support is what brought me to Emby in the first place, and I could not be happier that you're fixing them up. The 4.0 release is so lovely and snappy, I'm excited to have my libraries working properly again as soon as I get home.

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The recent updates, this one included, provided such a performance boost that I now don't have to try and run Cat5 to a challenging location in our house.

I haven't seen a Transcoding log file since the update to 4.x


Thank you Team!

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since the new update some of my libraries are shown empty.

Very interesting is that a library I use for an overview shows all items but libraries pointing to a subdirectory of that are show empty.




A lib pointing to "All" shows items in Sub1 and in Sub2. (as expected and before the update)

But a lib pointing to Sub1 is empty as well a lib pointing to Sub2. (this worked before the update)


Any ideas to How to get my libs working again?




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Rosario Family


this new update is making all my live tv recordings useless with corrupt .ts files. on finished recording files the timestamps are wrong for example a tv show that was schedule for 1 hour when is finished is showing for 1 day and 1 hour but when you play it doesnt play correctly and stops in half way. please help!

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All of my libraries of hundreds of programs show the same ICON and name for every program now.  It appears to have substituted the original metadata (episode title) along with unique screen grabs (as the icons) with some online db  so each program no longer has each episode name.  All 100 episodes show only the program name with no episode name or description. And they all show some ICON I've never seen before, obviously from some online database.  How can I restore what I had before with my own original metadata and unique screen grabs for the icons?

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wonder will dietpi bring those update to them? lol raspberry pi b+.

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