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Emby for Samsung Tizen Smart TV's 1.0.25 Released



1.0.25 is now available in the Samsung App Store and includes the following updates:

  • Improve automatic bitrate detection within local networks
  • Improve navigation performance






Users in the USA with a 2015-2016 Samsung Smart TV can install now from the Samsung App Store. If you're outside the USA, stay tuned for further announcements, and see here for a temporary workaround:




Learn How to Create Skins
Can you do HTML and JavaScript? Then why not fork the default skin?




Let us know what changes and improvements you're able to come up with. You can even release your forked version to the Emby community!

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Recommended Comments

Why only USA? This is the only reason that I can't even test out Emby, setting my TV region to US is possible and at worst an inconvenience, but at the same time I'd lose a fe local apps.


Get rid of these BS-regional locks if you want to be taken seriously.

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is it so hard to develop the app for other regions other than usa?  its been months i have been waiting for this app. i have to buy other device to play content on my tv. whats the point in paying for premium if i dont have available app?

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I am also looking forward for the international release.... Since there are HBO-nordic in finland and not in UK or US I can't live with using the UK or US store sadly =/

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