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Emby Server 3.2.24 Released

A new release of Emby Server is currently rolling out. Here are the highlights.


Stats for Nerds


Now available in the web app video player. Look for it soon in other Emby apps.


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Performance Improvements

  • Improve performance of library scan
  • Improve resource consumption of live tv guide refresh
Individual Library Scanning
Now you can easily scan individual libraries on demand.


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Cuvid Improvements
Support for HEVC decoding has been added.


Improved Live TV Program Progress Bars
For programs that are actively recording, we've made the progress bar red to help them stand out a little more.
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Easier Mobile Details
Less cluttered and more self-explanatory.


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Emby Server for Mac Updates

  • The Cover Art plugin is now compatible with Emby Server for Mac. Enjoy your custom covers !
Bug Fixes
  • Fix some cases where not all episode naming conventions being honored
  • Fix genre links on artist screen
  • Fix transcoding for tp container
  • Fix deleted artist cleanup
Other Improvements
  • Add settings to enable or disable hardware encoding and decoding separately
  • Update episode nfo parsing
  • Add subtitle language detection
  • Add guide tooltips
  • Add setting for m3u auto looping
  • Add more transcoding info to server dashboard
  • Add logo to video OSD
  • Improve multi-language xmltv support
  • Add media control to server dashboard

Emby Server for Windows

Stable Release


Latest Beta


Preview the latest features while they’re still in testing.