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Emby Server 3.2.20 Released

A new release of Emby Server is rolling out. Here are the highlights.


Updated Live TV OSD


The time display has been remodeled, and fans of Windows Media Center should feel right at home.


Posted Image


Other Improvements

  • Improve live tv start time
  • Improve live tv images
  • Improve database performance
  • Enable cuvid decoder
  • Speed up audio playback
  • Reduce resource consumption of realtime monitor
  • Show icon for home videos in photo libraries
  • Include home videos in photo slideshows
  • Switch to Skia for image processing (Windows + Mac)
  • Update Bulgarian subtitle decoding
Bug Fixes
  • Fix layout of individual collection screen
  • Fix photo auto-orientation
  • Fix collections hanging up library scan
  • Fix dashboard showing wrong menu
  • Fix people editing not saving to nfo
  • Several de-interlacing fixes
  • Add Omdb fix for episode images
Legacy Xml Metadata Updates


Going forward, if you need support for Media Browser 2 legacy XML, please install the Xml Metadata plugin from the Emby plugin catalog. This includes xml metadata for movies and tv shows, as well as the metadata folder for episodes.

  • Improve database performance

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