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Emby Server 3.0.6400 Released

A new version of Emby Server is available and brings some important bug fixes along with valuable new features. Here are the highlights:


Remember Me


The Emby Web app now has a "Remember Me" option on the login screen.


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Most of the time you'll want to leave this checked, but in certain situations you may prefer to always have your users login.


Emby Theater and Emby for Android also have this feature, and it is coming soon to Emby for iOS.

New VAAPI Transcoding


Thanks to the help of the Emby community, we now have support for expiremental VA API transcoding. It's easily enabled in the Emby Server web interface.


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Please note: You will need to ensure your ffmpeg build supports VA API.


This now brings the available hardware encoding choices to:

  • Intel Quick Sync QSV
  • OpenMAX OMX
  • Nvidia NVENC
  • Video Acceleration API (VA API)


New Per-Library Settings


Now you can configure certain settings on a per-library basis.


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The list of available options are:

  • Realtime monitor
  • Display of photos in home video libraries
  • Detecting archives
Look for more settings to become configurable per-library in future Emby Server releases.


Bug Fixes

  • Resolve episode list performance issue
  • Fix dynamic images for OSX
  • Fix Folders view
  • Fix yesterday labels
  • Update nfo saving to only save displayseason & displayepisode for specials
  • Fix parental rating inheritance
  • Fix repeated guide refreshes with certain tv tuner hardware
  • Fix played filter for series
  • Restore copy/paste support throughout Emby web app
  • Resolve early video termination in android tv app
  • Fix custom dlna profiles not being utilized
  • Fix dvd & bluray folder rips refreshing on every scan
  • Fix filtering artists by genre
Other Improvements
  • Improve theme song playback
    Improve presentation of auto-organize dialog
  • Improve presentation of series recording management
  • Ensure date is in recording file name when episode number is not available
  • Improve subtitle styles in Chrome
  • Numerous DLNA improvements with Sony Blu ray players 2013-2016
  • Added Dlna subtitle improvements for most devices
  • Limit series pooling to same library
  • Add artists to genre screen
  • Add user permission for video container swapping
  • Improve tab loading performance throughout Emby web app
  • Reduce Dlna device chatter
  • Update windows to target 4.6.2
  • Improve loading performance of live tv guide
  • Ignore DTD errors with user-supplied xml tv files
  • Improve image extraction performance
  • Add support for downloading people metadata on demand when viewing actor bio's

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