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Emby Server 3.0.5986 Released

A new version of Emby Server is now rolling out and includes a number of new features, performance improvements and bug fixes. Here's what's new.


New Xml TV Support !


We now have an additional option for guide data, XmlTV! Setting it up is easy, just add an xml tv guide data source:


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Then all you have to do is enter a file path or URL to your XmlTV data, and you're done!


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Important: This feature is free to all users to import 24 hours of data at a time. Unlimited data requires Emby Premiere.


New Channel Mapping Feature


This goes along with Xml TV, but can also be used with Schedules Direct. If the channels on your TV Tuner don't match the channels in your guide data, you can now solve this via channel mapping. Channel mapping is easy, just click the 3-dot menu next to your guide data, and select "Map Channels".


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Experimental Hardware Transcoding


Thanks to the help of the Emby community, we've added support for hardware transcoding via Nvidia NVENC and Open MAX (OMX). You can enable this under Playback -> Transcoding.


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Important: This feature is experimental and we need your feedback to help us continue to improve it.


Apple TV Subtitle Improvements


We've added improvements to the server's HLS support, which now offers a great subtitle experience for Apple TV users.


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Bug Fixes

  • Fix recordings occasionally stopping early when converting on the fly
  • Fix empty season display when season does not have a season number
  • Fix queue all from here function
  • Fix delete button in metadata editor
  • Fix collection & trailer screens displaying empty results
  • Fix live tv portion of setup wizard
  • Fix saving of country code in NFO metadata
  • Fix auto-organize icons
  • Fix nav drawer being draggable when expanded
  • Fix incorrect item index after playlist drag & drop
  • Fix MovieDb image language parameters (thanks softworkz and anderbytes)
  • Fix windows network browser within directory pickers
  • Fix Dlna subtitles
  • Fix Dlna music artists
  • Add native syscall error handling


Other Improvements

  • Update live tv suggestions to incorporate frequently watched channels
  • Add setting to configure local IP address to bind http server with
  • Add visual time indicator in tv guide
  • Improve real-time monitor change management
  • Support season and episode trailers from MovieDb
  • Support flat tv libraries without series or season folders
  • Adjust bitrate when converting between h264 and h265
  • Add clickable tvdb episode urls
  • Add clickable trakt links for movies and series
  • Improve display of active recordings
  • Improve generated subtitle display names
  • Improve generated playlist images
  • Improve error handling when transcode fails to start
  • Avoid auto-restarting during recordings
  • Add list view to several item list screens
  • Update HLS subtitle display name
  • Continue jQuery removal in mobile web app
  • Utilize css containment
  • Deprecate X-Frame-Options
  • Sign out all active user sessions after password change
  • Update vsync when transcoding
  • Add fixes for mono 4.4
  • Update vsync when transcoding

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