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Emby Server 3.0.5971 Released

A new release is rolling out and this a great one for Emby users. Not only does this bring a number of performance improvements, but also some important bug fixes and valuable new features. Here are the highlights.


Performance Improvements< /p>


Performance has been a big theme with this release. You'll find Emby apps faster to browse and you'll also enjoy improved playback performance thanks to reduced transcoding.


Note: Browsing performance will improve even more after the first run of the "Clean Database" scheduled task following installation of the update.


Firefox Playback


Playback in the Firefox browser is vastly improved, and video transcoding has been substantially reduced. In most cases now you'll enjoy direct video playback, even with high bitrates. We're really pleased with this.


Tip: These improvements also apply to the web based version of Emby Theater. Try it at http://tv.emby.media !


Apple TV & Roku Playback


Playback for Apple TV and Roku has also been vastly improved and video transcoding has been substantially reduced. In most cases you'll enjoy direct video playback with only a simple audio conversion (if necessary).


Media Track Display Titles


Emby Server now supports embedded titles within your audio and subtitle tracks, allowing you to personalize the track selection menus across Emby apps.


Posted Image


Note: The server will not re-probe existing content in order to acquire embedded titles. This is for new content added going forward. To import track titles for existing media, you'll need to refresh them.


Recording Conversion


There's a new Live TV setting that will allow you to preserve original audio when converting recordings, if you prefer:


Posted Image




We're happy to announce improvements to our Device Discovery, and the Play To discovery issues have been resolved.


Media Renderers will also see improved performance from Emby Server with this release.


Sync Improvements

  • Preserve embedded images when syncing music
  • Resync after media changes


Updated TV Guide


We've simplified the tv guide while adding some pretty icons to help you quickly identify your recordings and HD content.


Posted Image



  • Fix searches with special charcters returning empty results
  • Use https provider urls
  • Faster cleanup of missing episodes
  • Don't remember track selections for live tv channels
  • Add fixes for episodes directly in season folders
  • Fix m4a transcoding
  • Support direct stream level 51 in web browsers
  • Auto-select audio codec based on available encoders
  • Fix people names ending in a period
  • Allow dynamic images with unset content type
  • Fix local trailer metadata
  • Support multiple user data keys
  • Fix channel logos not downloading
  • Fix content sometimes not appearing after server restart
  • Improve image lazy loading with IntersectionObserver
  • Display ends at for videos

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