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Emby for PS4 Updated with New Features

Emby for PS4 has been updated with new features. Here are the highlights.


Simply open your PS4 Web Browser and visit tv.emby.media. Then bookmark with the browser for faster launching !


Stats for Nerds


Tinkerers will love this. Just toggle it directly in the video player OSD.


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Make Your Subtitles Your Own


New settings allow you to control the size and appearance of subtitles.


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New Subtitle Burn Setting

As many of you know, we can render many subtitle formats directly in the app such as ASS/SSA. This avoids having to burn them in on the server, in exchange for a subtitle rendering that is close enough to the original, but possibly not exact.

However depending on how complex your subtitles are, sometimes you may just need to burn them in anyway, so this will allow you to handle that.

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Improved Live TV Program Progress Bars
For programs that are actively recording, we've made the progress bar red to help them stand out a little more.
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