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Music Genres - Request & Issue


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I have just started working with my music library and getting it all working nicely. I have noticed that I have a lot of Genres that don't have a default image.


Can someone pass along the 'template' that is being used so we can get the community creating some images for all the Genres ?


I also updated the Genres for some of the music in iTunes (MediaBrowser brought a few spelling issues to my attention) and ran a library update but mediabrowser is not picking up the updates

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re. genre changes not being picked up...in my experience mb3 is very quick and reliable at detecting music changes (at least with DAS and win 7).

some gotchas..

make sure the tracks in library on filesystem  are actually being changed by itunes if thats your editor of choice....use mp3tag I recommend to at least check.

perform a library scan to be sure changes are enumerated...its possible itunes doesnt change enough of the file attributes and mb3 is not auto detecting itunes changes.


check out the fanart section for music genre images..

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