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Mediabrowser 2.6.2 download and themes

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I know that Media Browser 2.6.2 is no longer supported, and the new version is the way to go.  However, I am unable to migrate my system just yet, due to many issues.


I have just gone through a harddrive crash and lost my installation, and I am in the process of putting it all together, but discovered that my media browswer 2.6.2 is broken now.


The question is, where can I download the old and unsupported Media Browser 2.6.2??


Second question is,  I have purchased a bundle theme, but as with the harddrive crash, lost the confirmation e-mail.  who should I contact about this??


I appreciate any help the community can offer.



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This topic doesn't look too old, so hopefully it's not a problem if I piggyback.  Please let me know if I should start a separate thread for this.


I recently had to rebuild my WMC box.  Unfortunately, the version of MB I was able to recover from the old backups was 2.6.0, and the corresponding plugins that I had installed along with that.  I've installed 2.6.2 on my rebuild, and the themes I was able to rescue from my backups seem to work fine with the newer version of MB.  But CoverArt isn't happy.  (Clicking the Configure button in the MB Configurator pops up a message box stating "The Media Browser version appears to have changed. Please look for an upgrade to CoverArt.)  I have CA rescued, but it seems like most people running 2.6.2 have CA installed.  I can't find any trace of this version of CA on the interwebs.  Does anybody have a pointer to the latest CA before the jump to MB3?  (As shiny as it looks, I can't move to MB3 because I need the custom entry points in the WMC menu for WAF.)

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