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Collection of requests for multiple versions


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I am just re-iterating a request I've had for many years, patiently waiting, but it gets more and more irritating as time goes on since it should be easy to fix.  I'm also adding others requests in this post as well since perhaps you can address these at once.

I am an extensive user of multiple versions of the same movie.  For instance with Dawn of the Dead [1978], I have 4 versions of the movie in the same folder.

Here are the features I would like:

1) When you select a different version with the pulldown, the duration and "Ends at" also should change.  Usually different versions of the film have different lengths.  I've asked for this for several years now and it should not be a difficult change.

2) It would be great if the chapters and their thumbnails also changed with the version selection

3) Ability to override the default and select your own default version to come up first.  Others have requested this one as well.

I know I have posted #1 and many others have asked for #3, but I want to see if there are others who support these changes to see if we can get them elevated in priority. 


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