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EPG listing are 1 hour too early


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I get guide data from xmltv imported into Mediaportal. Currently all the times are 1 hour too early. It's as if it hasn't handled the fact that the xmltv file has UTC times and the UK is currently BST (UTC+1). My server a windows box is set to Adjust for Daylight Savings time and it has the correct time.

There is a box in Mediaportal's tv server to blanket adjust the times in the xmltv file but I feel as though this situation has probably been handled and I'm missing something. I don't want to have to change mediaportal's time adjustment every time the clocks change.

I read the earlier thread in this forum on this same topic and  @pünktchen indicated that the issue was fixed in the latest version. I'm running Mediaportal plugin v1.9.4.0.

Any body know what I need to do?


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This seems to have been resolved by checking "Apply Time compensation when loading TVGuide xml" with 0 hours set in the media portal xmltv plugin.


Fingers crossed this is a lasting solution.

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Hi, Let us know in a couple of days if this issues seems to be resolved or if you still have a timing issue.

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