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v0.510 Released


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Hi All,


Completing my week of major app releases I present v0.510



  • Trailer Support
  • 3d Support - HSBS should auto switch. This is something that will grow in development
  • Subtitle support (will transcode in) - Access via tools button during playback
  • Manual bitrate options during playback - Access via tools button during playback
  • Bitrate will now support the settings in the settings bar re network connection
  • Imageviewer now displays images in 1920x1080 for photos :D There is no navigation as i cannot work it out but images are 4x higher quality than they were 
  • PCM Dolby DTS (may) switch correctly too now - the issue i found for research for 3D may have resolved this! I don't have equipment to test
  • Playback calls are now JSON as per the new guidelines (Sorry @@Luke I missed this one until recently)
  • Fix for homepage with no items -> Shows media folders...
  • Fix for @@CharlesC issues (Thank you for a great post to help me resolve this!)


I've been busy :) As always, expect major errors, especially as this is a feature release. 

Now leave me be ;)


Please post errors in the forum starting with the app version number..

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v0.510b Released


Hopefully the 3D key should be blocked (to prevent confusion) and should run my code which simply turns on or off 3d

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