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Cannot set a password on a new user


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Issue: I can create a new user but cannot set a password, I get a "Invalid user or password entered" message on screen and in the logs. This occurs with any new user I create.


2014-08-21 18:32:42.1673 Error - DtoUtils: ServiceBase<TRequest>::Service Exception
    Invalid user or password entered.
       at MediaBrowser.Api.UserService.<PostAsync>d__16.MoveNext()


Version 3.0.5346.22797


I've never had this issue before, this just started today. This was occuring today before I did the upgrade to the latest version and also after the upgrade to 3.0.5346.22797.







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are you using firefox? a couple people have reported this, although version 31+ seems to resolve it. otherwise we're not able to reproduce it

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I dont know if it is related but I just tryed to delete a user and got an error "there was an error processing your request" I can upload logs and/or start a new topic if appropriate?

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