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Photo Gallerys in Emby Server


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Hi, I'm using MediaBrowser Server now since a few weeks and love it so far  ;)

There's just on minor thing that is a bit annoying imho.


I found the server integration of photos or image gallerys is nearly useless in it's current state. :(

So, you may ask why?:


It's because you can just get a closer/larger look to a single picture when you klick on it. And then you have to go back and open the next one. Pretty annoying when you have a dozen of pictures in an Album/Folder. Furthermore all the pictures are cut off somewhere in the middle when you open the large view.


So my suggestion is to add left/right arrows to go through the picures when you opened one in large view and make this view "real" fullscrenn and don't cut the pictures.  B)


Or am I wrong and this functions already exists and I'm just to dump to find and activate it?

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bump... any update on this? ran across some other threads about this topic




I'm trying to use Emby to share family photos with grandparents a thousand miles away.

I thought it might be me, so I've rebuilt the library that's dedicated to UNC folders with photos only, having lots of trouble seeing it full screen or even downloading the high res.


I ABSOLUTELY DETEST putting my family photos on services like Walgreens.com and trusting them with that... here I get to control my own server behind my own firewalls. If only it was simple to view/download.

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how can ill share an folder?

when ill select 3 dots - share - any of the options to get the link. When ill click on the link it just shows one picture, and not the complete album/folder.

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You can't share entire folders but you can browse and share individual photos.


thats not good  :(

than please see this as a feature request  :D

I am storing my photos in an a directory structure like:



Pictures\Year\Month\Name of Event\*.jpg


Would be nice if i can share a whole folder in emby with my family, than its a complete solution for me where i dont need any google drive or any online storage provider.


Edit: I have created an github ticket for this:  https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Emby/issues/2607




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Create the feature request topic here so that we can measure community interest. Thanks.

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