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One particular album won't appear on mobile app only?


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So i'm confused and i've done everything I can think of to fix it.

There is one album in particular that won't appear on android mobile app but will display on my PC using the web browser.


When I open the album in emby app on my phone there are no songs listed?


I've included screenshots, one is of my desktop PC using the emby browser in Chrome and the other is a screenshot of my phone.


I've tried converting the files to MP3, i've tried the inbuilt conversion in Emby as well thinking that it might be the way i've done it. Its the only album that doesn't show up, everything else will show up no issues. 


What could be the issue?



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Solved it!


Just in case anyone what the issue was, it turned out the music didn't have any media identifiers attached. Don't know personally why this would be the issue for mobile app but not the desktop app? 


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