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Version 2.0 of Android TV/Fire TV app Released

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Version 2.0 of our popular Android TV and Fire TV apps are rolling out to stores now.  This version brings many internal improvements for playback and also supports the new features in the upcoming 4.6 release of the server.  Your device should update automatically when available.



Improved Subtitle Support

These apps can now natively render most types of advanced subtitles (Dual Layer PGS/SSA etc.) with full formatting and multiple sub placements without requiring the server to transcode or burn in.


With supported external subtitles you can also adjust the placement and time offset of the subtitle display.

Improved Playback

We've implemented several customizations to the Google player the app utilizes that provide us with even more direct play in more situations and also simplified some of the playback options to allow you to choose how your media plays.

Tags View

You can now see tags for movies and albums on their detail page and also view other items with the same tags by clicking on them.  Tags are also returned in search results.



Artist Songs

Directly view and access songs right from an artist page.



4.6 Server Support

Version 2.0 of these apps fully support some of the new features coming in the 4.6 server release like channel grouping, improved channel logos and an improved Continue Watching display.


Other Enhancements and Fixes

In addition to the above, many more improvements and small fixes have been made.  Including:

  • Fix play from grid when folder browsing music
  • Increase size of cast on OSD
  • Tweak default background
  • Update translations
  • Fix stream copy for interlaced content (requires server 4.6)
  • Increase playlist and album limits to 1500
  • No longer try to auto play from "Play Next" channel
  • Fix series date display in folders
  • Fix bad price display in purchase screen
  • Add send logs to video playback menu
  • Force player interface to LTR presentation
  • Group by tags in channel grid (requires server 4.6)
  • Implement filter by tags in TV guide (requires server 4.6)
  • Simplify filter selection (fewer clicks)
  • Fix shuffling video playlist
  • Implement playlist and collection tabs in library for 4.6 server
  • Remove collections from individual genre display
  • Align EQ animation with other apps
  • Improve list screen in Apple TV theme
  • Allow screen saver during pause (except for live TV)
  • Implement new search
  • Improve hi-res flac audio
  • Add a default poster size setting
  • Make library prefs a popup for better navigation (can back out)
  • Make library cog button a menu for app or library settings
  • Add "All Items" button to Collection screen
  • Add music videos to Artist view
  • Allow converting dts-hd and not plain dts
  • Indicate https in SFN when using SSL
  • Implement play options from music genre
  • Improve spinner layout
  • Adjust home screen layout settings for server 4.6
  • Fix DTS HD badge not always showing properly
  • Indicate in SFN when software audio decoding is occurring
  • Clarify display HDR support labels
  • RTL fixes
  • Fix play first unwatched on some series
  • Implement subtitle offset (external subs only)
  • Improve play next up button when no next up episode
  • Improve usability of DTS options
  • Simplify audio option
  • Fix crash on startup on non-standard boxes
  • Add new "Extra Info" option and reduce clutter by default

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