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Hook subtitle problem

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Hi.....I have a problem with the hook..I updated to a newer version  EMBY 3.1.80(android)...I played the video and the problem captions...I was trying to uninstall and install ... It didn't help ... ..

I had to reinstall emby version EMBY 3.1.73(android)...It works!!!!

It's not our fault..It will be an application fault...Please fix the app and thank you....

The problem of subtitles only Ř, Š, Ž(hook)

EMBY 3.1.80 he has a bug
EMBY 3.1.73 is ok 🙂










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Hi, can you try the open beta version and let me know how that compares:



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Před 8 minutami Luke řekl:

Ahoj, můžete vyzkoušet otevřenou beta verzi a dejte mi vědět, jak to vypadá:



It doesn't work EMBY(BETA)....This is the same error as EMBY 3.1.80...

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Před 23 hodinami Luke řekl:

Jakou verzi jste dostali?

Emby for Android 3.1.86....This is the latest version


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