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Playback Error - No Compatible streams - Audio

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Hi all

Recently acquired an Android 10 TV Box, an Allwinner H6.

Specs if your interested https://androidtvbox.eu/allwinner-h6-is-a-new-quad-core-cortex-a53-processor-designed-for-4k-tv-boxes-more-details/ seems pretty capable.

 Anyway, whenever I try to play any content that has anything other than stereo audio, I get the "No compatible streams are currently available". If I copy any file that wont play to a USB key and plug it in directly, they all play fine using the bog standard inbuilt player. Even a 4k movie (Video:4K HEVC Audio:AAC 5.1) is smooth as.

EAC6 6 ch, AC3 5.1 & AAC5.1 seem to be the main culprits. AAC5.1 will either give the error, play with no sound, or provides a slide show updating a frame every 20 secs or with no sound.

All files that wont play on that device will play fine in Emby on my Pixel 2XL. (same server/network etc)

I've attached a log of trying to play a couple of the offending files and 1 file with stereo audio that played fine.

Any thoughts? 


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Thanks Luke, installed your new version and cleared all logs and started Emby, then did the following;

Played content with:

EAC3 6ch - No Stream error

AAC Stereo - played fine

AC3 5.1 - No Stream error

AAC 5.1 - Frozen image with occasional frame update, no sound


Log attached.




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Hmm. Would you mind providing an android system bug report:


So basically you'll need to first enable developer options on your device, then open up the Emby app, recreate the problem, and then follow the steps in the link above to obtain a bug report. Then please attach that here. Thanks !

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I would love to, but that's a bit of a problem. I can take the bug report but the build of Android 10 on this box has notifications disabled, so while I can take the bug report, I don't get the notification that gives the option to share it. And it's stored somewhere where you need root access to get to it.

I've made a post in the relevant XDA forum to see if someone knows a workaround. I've tried some third party apps but the permissions they need don't exist on the unit.

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