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Web interface shortcut key interference


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First off, I fully understand the functionality and benefit of having shortcut keys. At the same time, users with considerable background and experience with computers may also have many ingrained habits, and certain choices made in shortcut key assignment can make those users' experiences very difficult, and caution should be exercised in overriding "customary" shortcut behaviors that users may already be adjusted to.

Personally, I predate web browsers.

The specific problem I am having is the insistence on the HOME key going back to the user's "home" emby page. The scenario I keep repeating is in attempting to browse through any long list - be it search results, or the artist list in the music section, or the movie list, or an episode list - really any list that spans multiple pages. I will scroll up/down using the keyboard. After perusing several pages, I find myself needing to see the top of the page again, and, instinctively, because LITERALLY EVERY OTHER APPLICATION ON MY PC WORKS THIS WAY, I will press HOME, which is more or less the industry-accepted generic default way to get back to the beginning of a list...

... and then I have to do my entire search over again!

PLEASE change this behavior.

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Hi, yes, it's something we can look at re-evaluating in future updates. thanks for the feedback.

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