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Emby plugin for Kodi will not run


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I have an Emby server running on a Synology NAS

I have installed Kodi (version 19.0 "Matrix") on my Windows 10 laptop AND my Android TV by Sony.

I install the zip file from kodi.emby.tv on both devices. Both devices say that the plugin is installed. (I've tried stable and beta on both devices)

I can see the plugin in my list of plugins on both devices, however, on both devices,  I cannot Run, Configure, or see dependecies, but I can disable/enable, uninstall, see version (It reports 1.0.6) and auto-update (Which shouldn't work on zip files).  The kodi buttons are greyed out: See attached. I cannot enter my server info.

I don't see any log errors (Also attached - for the stable version of the plugin).

I've looked through this forum and see a couple of folks having similar problems, but the solutions do not work for me.

Does anyone have any ideas?





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You installed the repo addon, this is the repository that Kodi can use to install other addons.

Did you actually install the addon though? that is the second step, once you install the repo addon you need to install the addon you want from that repo.


The last step is what you need to do, at the very bottom.

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