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Cant connect to emby server with app (android) through https from outside the network.

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Hey, i have testet it on multiple devices in multiple other networks and even with fresh installs, but i cant connect to my emby server through the app.

The server is behind an nginx proxy and behind cloudflare proxy.

Normal access through a webbrowser on any device on any network is working perfectly fine, but not through the app, i keep geting connection errors.

I recently switched to cloudflare from another domain registrar and before the switch, it worked without a problem but now it doesnt anymore. Afaik https://subdomain.domain.tld as host and 443 as port should be right?

I have also tried to find threads with similar problems and i found one where someone answered to check the ssl certificate, what i did (cloudflare ssl is set to strict), but it still doesnt work.


Can someone help me? Or has ideas on how to fix that problem?

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