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Ryzen 3400g HW transcoding


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On 2/21/2021 at 2:51 AM, sethrian said:

I use to play just fine any video h265 with HW transcoding. Now for some reason i cannot play h265 anymore (on gpu) . Why is that? (obviously i have a subscription)

Used to and not anymore? Is there anything to go off of or just random? You do any updates to emby or linux? change any settings?

What linux distro are you running? Are you running the OS and Emby on bare-metal? What type of file are you testing it against?

Troubleshooting step: Try going into Emby's admin settings, go to "Transcoding", I assume "hardware acceleration" is set to "Yes"; Without saving, try changing to "Advanced". Does h.265 appear below and is at least one option selected for h.265? If not listed, Emby is not detecting it, possibly something on the OS-side. If so but not selected, try selecting it and saving.

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