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Hi All


I have installed the Roco skin and registered the skin.

But I have 2 issues with plugins I have listed the issues below:


1. I used to be able to have the box sets (collections) listed on the menu but it longer separates the box sets it puts them in with movies so it's very confusing, the same thing happens if I go back to crystal I have lost the collections (box sets) I have Auto box sets vers: installed


2. I also used to have trailerss for the movies but they to have gone none of the movies have trailers anymore. I have trailers vers: 1.0.5281.2007 installed.


Can anyone offer help or instructions on how I may need to fix this issue.


thank you in advance



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In the web client you need to login with that user. Click your avatar/username in the top right once logged in. Choose "my preferences" and you should see similar to the above. Uncheck folders you want literally to see as those folders, not grouped. Also check the one below to show collections. Save. Voila.


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