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MBT Crashing While Browsing

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Dear Team:


First of all, thank you to all of you for putting this whole thing together. I have been a MB Classic user for some time and love your platform. I recently upgraded to MB3 and MBT from the MB Classic (version 2).


Guys, MBT repeatedly crashes as one is browsing content and when one reaches around the 2200 title. I have over 5000 titles in my library. With MB Classic this never happened. Granted that MB Classic took quite a while to load given the approximately 18TB of content that I have, and MB3 and MBT load much faster. But at least with MB Classic (integrated within the Windows Media Center) when all the content loaded, one could browse them without the system crashing.


Is there currently a limit for the number of titles one may have in their library for MBT and hence the reason why it crashes after around the 2200 title?


All of my content comes in well organized folders that has all meta-data info, folder graphics and backdrops already included so I don't think it's MBT trying to download new info.


Thanks for kindly looking into this.





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First, a clarification - MB Classic is not MB 2.  MB Classic is the WMC client for MB 3.


Now as for your issue with MB Theater - we'll need a full description of the actual error and logs. 


How to report a problem

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