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Emby Server Combining Similar File Titles for TV Shows


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I'm not sure if it's me or somethings changed in the way Emby is scanning file names and directories over the last few releases. It seems to be combining similar titles either into the same listing or listing different episode titles under the listing.

My current Emby server version is

Example 1

I have a few different pay per view wrestling titles that are scanned, but get combined automatically under the first scanned title

Shared TV (series)/Wrestling/WWE PPV/Season 2020/WWE.PPV.2020.09.Payback.2020.WEB.h264-HEEL

Shared TV (series)/Wrestling/WWE PPV/Season 2020/WWE.PPV.2020.10.Hell.In.A.Cell.2020.WEB.mp4

Shared TV (series)/Wrestling/WWE PPV/Season 2020/WWE.PPV.2020.11.Survivor.Series.2020.WEB.mp4

All of these titles will scan and be listed under the Payback title instead of being scanned as separate listings. When you click on the Payback title, it will list a menu of all three titles (Payback, Hell in a cell and survivor series). I'm not sure when it started doing this as I've updated the server a couple of times in between. It used to work in previous versions (maybe 6 months ago??).

Example 2:

It can't seem to distinguish between Haunting Of Bly Manor, The (2020) and Haunting Of Hill House, The  (2018)

The only title that shows correctly in the main Emby TV collection is The Haunting Of Hill House. When you click on the title, the series info and metadata is correct. If you go down the page to the "More Like" there's a listing for The Haunting Of Bly Manor. However when you click on the link and then check the metadata at the top of the page it is correct for the title but the episode listings and season metadata are for The Haunting Of Hill House. There's no listing for The Haunting Of Bly Manor on the main TV Shows screen at all, only The Haunting Of Hill House. Even the episodes for The Haunting Of Hill House only show 10, not 19 if they were combined.

The directory structure is:

Shared TV (Series)/Haunting Of Hill House, The  (2018)/Season 1/The Haunting of Hill House (2018) - S01E01 Steven Sees a Ghost - 720p HDRip - x265 HEVC.MKV

Shared TV (Series)/Haunting Of Bly Manor, The  (2020)/Season 1/The.Haunting.of.Bly.Manor.S01E01.720p.NF.WEBRip.x264.MKV

I've tried changing the directory titles slightly and I can get two separate listings on the main TV show menu. However as soon as you try and change the poster image, they both combine again.

Does anyone have some ideas if this is just how I'm doing it or is it a bug?

Thanks Pete

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Thanks Luke,

Yeah I try and stick to the naming convention but it doesn't really work so well for pay per views. Best I can do is include them in their own directly under year. Which has worked fine in the past.

As for the Haunting series, it should still have two separate listings as it probably can't find it from the name. So you'd have to manually identify it (which is fine). Besides, if you look at the metadata there's two different IMDB numbers used in each as ID's so it shouldn't be combining them.

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I've managed to sort "The Haunting" issue some somewhat. I don't think it's an issue with Emby, but an issue with the metadata sites (TVDB, IMDB & TMDB). Its seems TVDB includes both under the one title (i.e The Haunting) as season 1&2, even though they should be separate series (as in IMDB).

However if you do it this way under Emby - i.e.

/The Haunting (2018)

       /Season 1 - Haunted Hill/The Haunting On Haunted Hill S01e01.ext

       /Season 2 - Bly Manor/The Haunting Of Bly Manor S02e01.ext

Emby WILL put both seasons up, however the second season has no scanned in episodes - it remains blank. Probably because of the different naming used between seasons.

However, if I go back to the original way with two titles and change the season of Bly manor to S02 (and leave Haunted Hill as S01), it scan's them in as two separate titles (as it should of in the first place) i.e.

/Haunting On Hill House, The (2018)

      /Season 1/Haunting On Hill House S01e01.ext

/Haunting Of Bly Manor, The (2020)

     /Season 2/Haunting Of Bly Manor S02e01.ext


Not sure what's happening with the PPV titles. Only thing I can think of is they get scanned in as the same series and episode as well and get lumped under the one title. I suppose I can always change the Season & Episodes manually if need be.

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