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[Issue] Records from live TV get transcode and then not play if trancode is disabled on the user.


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Hi everyone, i have a issue with emby. 

I usually not allow video transcoding on my server but there is videos like (Recorded Live TV by scheduling) not playable on the chrome or any browser i have tested.
I guess is because the Container is not supported not sure if it was related with this but this is what i can tell about this.

The Video Recorded by Live TV on Emby



When i block Video Transcoding for the user like this

And then the records is not playable on the Browser but i would like to allow it to direct play the records or at least transcode just that Library.

If i allow video Trancoding it just play but all the users will get random and low video resolution and it will transcode the movies, so this is why i not allow transcodings on my server.



there is something planed or some way to convert the media (Recorded Live TV Content )  after the record end to a direct playable format ? 

I hope some help thanks.

Kind regards.

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In the DVS settings you can add a script to run after the recording ends.  I don't know if anyone has published such a script, or whether it can trigger transcoding by Emby - but libraries such as ffmpeg or Handbrake could be called directly in there:



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It's probably due to the video being interlaced. You could try using the Emby convert media feature to convert it to a more streaming friendly format.

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