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Can a Raspberry Pi 3+ handle playback of downloaded videos for SD playback (composite video & audio)?

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I have the following requirements that I suspect can be handled by the Pi3+, but would like confirmation before I start ordering parts.

I would like to create an inexpensive version of a "mobile Emby", in which I can download offline movies and playback in the car.  The car uses composite audio & video, and SD video.

Is there any reason why an Pi3+ wouldn't be able to accomplish this?  Can I force Emby Theatre to output via the composite port on the Pi instead of the HDMI output?  Will the Pi automatically output Composite if there is no HDMI plugged in?

As a final note, when I want to add more downloaded content to the Pi client, will I be able to plug it into a monitor via HDMI?  Or is there even any way to manage Theatre in a headless environment?

Thanks for any recommendations!


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Hi, yes it can handle this although an RPI4 will obviously perform better. We don't specifically test the app headless although it's something we plan to look at in future updates. We have some users here who have found ways to run it that way though.

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