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Improve search in GUI and identifying items


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I stumbled on some issue regarding the search in the GUI and on identifying items and would suggest some improvements. 


For example i would suggest as "II" and "2" or "IV" and "4" are synonymous in movie titles, the search and the process of identifying should consider that, the same applies for "&" and "and".  Furthermore i would suggest using levenshtein distance to improve the search and match items which does not match exactly but are likely the one searched for by the user.

On identifying items emby chooses the first result, which might not be the likeliest. For example: A film named Guardians (2017).mkv is automatically identified as "Guradians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" from 2017 even though "Guradians" from 2017 shows up on the identifying page. I think there should a string comparison, maybe also with levenshtein distance, and when there is a 100% match this one should definetly be choosen.

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Hi.  We use the metadata providers' search and ranking mechanisms at this time.  Its possible we could try and extend those by examining the results but it may also be a good idea for you to make these suggestions to thetvdb and themoviedb as well.


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