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CoverArt Plugin and MediaStream Audio Titles


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I've got a bit of a long shot feature request, but I wanted to at least put it out there.

The audio tracks for movies in my movie library all have consistent curated titles (Original, Primary, Fallback, Commentary #, Score).

I'd like to be able to tell from the main grid view when a movie contains an [O]riginal audio track from the disc, at least one [C]ommentary, and/or an isolated [S]core by leveraging the CoverArt plugin.

In terms of a generalized feature request, I envision an 'advanced' option under Indicators - Media Info where the user can add N rows and for each row, they select a MediaStream property (Title, BitRate, SampleRate, etc) and provide a list of relevant values for a 'contains condition', which CoverArt can then use to test the audio streams and (on at least 1 match) generate a predictable filename string the user can match a custom image to.

For example:

  • The user sets up a row that says a 'Title' property of one of the audio streams should contain the string 'commentary'.
  • When that condition evaluates to true, Cover Art checks for a custom image file with the name 'audio_commentary.png' and uses that for an Indicator icon. Values with special characters could be sanitized/encoded as needed.
  • If no custom image exists for a particular value, then the first letter is used to generate a generic icon for that overlay.

This 'advanced' option could be extended beyond Media Info to other sections. That's just the section I'm personally interested in.

And just to raise the stakes, I would definitely become a lifetime mega premiere permanent donor class member for this feature.

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