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Chrome and meanwhile Edge (based on chrome now) dont work with Emby anymore


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Emby opens but you cant target and click with your mouse any object. If you try the  slider with the objects just moves but you are not actually clicking the desired media.

This same behavour is present on the Emby Apps as well, except those who dont offer ANY Mousesupport at all, rendering as useless on a windows machine.


However, this bug is present for almost 3/4 a year and i did worked around it by using edge. But since last Win Update Edge became a browser based on chrome engine and - oh wonder .- suddenly the very same emby bug is there too. So right now there is no way under Windows anymore with chrome or edge to use emby in a browser.

Suggestions? Maybe a windows10 client which wirks as smooth and stable as the android client?



Win10Pro X64
Ryzen7 3800
and more ;)

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I can only assume the Auto Display mode feature is not rending proper display mode, as I have no issues with mouse operations.  Unless I am total misunderstanding.  Web client or Theater both are relatively the same now.  


User icon-Display Display mode

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